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Zhao Shuyan had an interview with Hong Kong

        On March 9, the company's chairman and chief engineer, Mr. Zhao Shuyan accepted the series interview of TAKUNG INTERVIEW , giving some wonderful comments and views.
◇China coal preparation technology has great potential to develop
Zhao Shuyan: technical personnel shall participate in policy making and avoid dilettante to guide adept
        The main reason of low coal washing ratio in China is that there exists backward xenocentric consciousness in China. China own international leading coal preparation technology are not widely applied, mainly caused by corruption. Coal preparation still has great potential to develop in China. Some real scientific and technical professional persons shall participate in policy making and no more phenomena of dilettante guidance adept can be allowed to happen.  The technology issues shall be taken care by experts, especially academicians. [details]
◇ China's economic development
Zhao Shuyan: streamline administration and institute decentralization for a brighter China economic prospects.
        When asked whether Tangshan Guohua Technology Co. Ltd had met challenging in localization while expanding business to overseas, Mr. Zhao Shuyan said the company can slowly adapt to local conditions when encountering some problems in a foreign country. Referring to the domestic macro economy development strategy, he said the government should speed up the procedure of streamline administration and institute decentralization, and enterprises will usher in a new development opportunity. China's economic future is still very bright. No difficulties cannot be overcome if we really understand the connotation of the free market economy and can find the right direction.[details]
◇Vocational education is the foundation of China's manufacturing quick development
Zhao Shuyan: third level universities should be changed into vocational and technical colleges
        To train technical personnel, Zhao Shuyan suggests transferring some third-level universities into vocational and technical colleges. Some new ideas shall be introduced  to China's education, China is in great need of skilled workers, many college graduates are not willing to work as technicians. However, in developed countries, like the United States, Canada, many people are willing to work as technical workers, many blue-collar workers can earn more than white-collar workers.[details]
◇Chinese enterprises still have a long way in overseas development, needing guidance and supervision from Chinese government.
Zhao Shuyan: Chinese government should reverse bias in western worlds and strengthen supervision of those companies who discredit Chinese enterprises.
        Enterprises still have a long way in overseas development, needing guidance and supervision from Chinese government.Stepping outside of Chinese enterprises is just the first step to success, there is still a long way to go. The Chinese government Countries should not be blindly support Chinese enterprise to expend overseas development, proper guidance and supervision of government shall be also provided for those enterprises. The enterprises from western world such as United States have inherent pride and prejudice to Chinese enterprises. For those companies who “discredit” china, Zhao Shuyan advised government to make some appropriate supervision rather than unconditionally support to these companies who had damages China's image.[details]
◇Enhancing soft power during overseas development.
Zhao Shuyan: Establishing a win-win relationship with foreign companies during overseas development of Chinese enterprises.
        Besides guidance and supervision from Chinese government, enterprise shall make great efforts to enforce its own soft power.  During acquisition of a foreign enterprise, the Chinese company shall make it clearly that acquisition will result a win-win relationship which brings mutual benefits to both parties. [details]
◇Innovation is an eternal theme of Guohua Technology
Zhashuyan: Technical innovation rather than pulic relationship can create a big company
        Innovation is an eternal theme of Guohua Technology. The development of Guohua technology relies on technological innovation, Mr. Zhao Shuyan himself has professional technical background, he stated that he was not a person good at playing guanxi (public relationship).  So, he thinks that technical innovation is of primary importance to Guohua Technology. The facts from Guohua Technology has proven that relying on technical innovation rather than on public relationship can make an enterprise larger and stronger and expand its business to overseas.[details]

TakungPao director, President of Takung net, Mr. Lin Xuefei introduced development history to Mr. Zhao Shuyan
TakungPao director, President of Takung net, Mr. Lin Xuefei had a good talk with Mr. Zhao Shuyan 
Chairman and Chief Engineer, Mr. Zhao Shuyan accepted interviews of Takung net
Chairman and Chief Engineer, Mr. Zhao Shuyan accepted interviews of hostess,Ms. Zhou Nan,from Takung net.
Chairman and Chief Engineer, Mr. Zhao Shuyan wrote his inscription for Takung net
TakungPao director, President of Takung net, Mr. Lin Xuefei presented Mr. Zhao Shuyan commemorative album of Takung net

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